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He cums into the mouth of my sister

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Well, I have a boyfriend and we are very happy together. But he always wanted to participate in a threesome. As I had no one in whom I have confidence, I then asked my sister to do with us if it was available. The goal is that my sister could break into the apartment while they dined and we can invite him to join us. After talking throughout the dinner, my sister then said she had very hot. She began to take off his jacket, then his shirt. My guy was totally surprised but meant nothing because I either I did not say anything. Then I followed his gesture by saying that she had totally right. I note that during dinner, we drank about two bottles of champagne. I then removed my shirt but my bra. He was speechless watching us. Then began to caress and say that one had big tits, etc. I found he was excited but he refrained lot. Then they invited him to the living room.

A trio in the lounge

We sat on the couch and started kissing. He looked at us from the corner of the eye to the other side of the lounge. He did not rush rushing at us without risking scaring us. After three or four invitation, he had finally come. He kissed me first, then undressed me completely. Then my sister threw herself on him and kissed him passionately. I then put on all fours to make him a good blowjob. He could not believe he was seriously to live one of those fantasies. After the sister was unleashed on him while he was doing me a good cunnilingus. Then it was my turn. He took me from behind while my sister masturbating in a corner of the couch. He us, thereafter, asked us to put all four legs and the two began to fuck us one after the other. I first enjoyed first, then my sister. And when it was his turn, he always wanted to enjoy in the mouth of a woman, but I never wanted to do since the sperm that gives me bad stomach so I asked my sister to do it for I. As she is a real little slut, she did not hesitate for a second and that's how my boyfriend enjoyed in the mouth of my sister